Docker – RethinkDB recipe


The purpose of this recipe is to explain how to build a docker image with RethinkDB pre-installed and ready to run.

We will do this by creating a Dockerfile that downloads the base image, updates and adds an apt source and then installs the database software.

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Pratical Application of Docker and Ruby


docker-datafeeder, is my first real world use of, and learning experience of, docker and linux containers.

I needed something to continiously feed a constant stream of data files for processing. The files have time-stamped names, along the lines of “”

I needed to have the timestamp part of the file name changed to the current time.

I had to be able to deliver multiple streams of files, to multiple servers and also wanted to prevent a serious backlog of files building up in the event one or more systems stopped processing the feeds.

To top it off, I wanted to present a decent UI to the end users of this tool, not just a command line interface.

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Trimming Output to Your Terminal Width..

When tailing logs or reading through the output of any command and some lines are really too long, and they wrap around on the terminal – its really annoying.
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Docker and Dokku

This is pretty cool. Will use this to create mini rails and scala containers

One of the things that was concerning me was deploying a rails app as easily as possible, in a configuration that only had what was

needed. I was not cerazy on having to install a full blown linux install to deploy a simple little rails app. I searched around for small footprint linux distros (and there are a LOT out there), when I came across docker.

I then found Dokku – Happy days !! This looks awsome.

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