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Setting up a Docker dev environment on Mac OS X

There are countless articles and posts on the web about settting up a docker dev environment on OS X, and all of them work more or less. Here’s another one 🙂 This solution uses the following.. * Virtualbox * Vagrant

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Pratical Application of Docker and Ruby

Overview docker-datafeeder, is my first real world use of, and learning experience of, docker and linux containers. I needed something to continiously feed a constant stream of data files for processing. The files have time-stamped names, along the lines of

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Trimming Output to Your Terminal Width..

When tailing logs or reading through the output of any command and some lines are really too long, and they wrap around on the terminal – its really annoying.

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Docker and Dokku

This is pretty cool. Will use this to create mini rails and scala containers One of the things that was concerning me was deploying a rails app as easily as possible, in a configuration that only had what was needed.

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